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Who We Are 

Peak Earth sprung into life in the summer of 2012, alongside London's Olympics. We helped to take our first client, EON's Community Energy business, from a District Heating start-up to become the market leader. In the early days, the projects weren't that complicated - most consisted of little more than a single energy centre with a biomass boiler, a gas boiler and a gas combined heat and power plant. The heat was sold to local homes and businesses and the electricity was exported to the grid.  
But the industry was innovating rapidly. It wasn't long until Peak Earth was advising on developments involving multiple heat and power sources such as solar PV, solar thermal, geothermal, energy from waste, biomethane and pyrolysis. And where the electricity was being sold to local businesses via private wire arrangements. 
By the late 2010s, Peak Earth was established as one of the most experienced financial modellers of district heating schemes in the UK. We had written scores of business cases, negotiated directly with many councils and developers, and helped to close dozens of deals. Into the 2020s, the market keeps evolving. Agriculture Technology is going vertical, and requiring their own sources of heat and power.  
With different resource requirements, vertical farms are moving into the cities and becoming embedded in decentralised energy networks. E-mobility is also getting in on the act, as is local battery storage and the increasing importance of the "flexibility" markets in which electricity is traded. The technical systems and the commercial models are getting ever more complex. Enabling all of this complexity is the digital revolution. 
Accustomed to being ahead of the curve, and wanting to stay there, Peak Earth has embedded itself in the Centre for Digital Innovation on the Energy Estuary - a CO2 intensive region with a strong decarbonisation agenda.  
Networked with such digital and low-carbon talent, Peak Earth is prime positioned to maintain its lead on the decentralised energy markets - now incorporating transport, agriculture and the built environment. 

Peak Earth operate in four key sectors 

The Built Environment 

Our Success Stories 

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