Building Business Cases to Decarbonise 

Peak Earth deliver Proven Results. Just see for yourself. 

x10 uptake in contracts signed 

We improved one client's signed contracts by ten times in just one year. We did this by making the model more transparent and user friendly. This reduced board sign-off time from 6 months to 6 weeks and enabled the business development team to respond quicker to client requests. 

£4bn contract revenue signed 

We have helped our clients to sign over £4bn in contract value. We've worked on biomass power stations, vertical farms, heat networks, composting and recycling facilities, and much more. 

400% improvement in Sales Conversion Rate 

We developed an interactive sales tool and a project scoring tool which together enabled one client's business developers to increase their sales conversion rate by over 400%. 

Organisations we work with 

Success Stories 

Bristol City Heat Network extension 

The Project: Bristol City Council received £10m Heat Network Investment Project (HNIP) funding for an extension to the existing city centre network. The extension will involve the construction of the largest water-source heat pump in the country - in Bristol’s floating harbour. 
Our role: We created a monthly cashflow projection for each of the relevant entities, complete with alternative scenarios. This allowed the council to sign off on the governance structure. 

Hayes Village, West London 

The Project: Barratt London is building over 1300 homes on the former Nestle Factory in West London. The homes will be heated by a network taking heat from the energy centre. 
Our role: Several parties submitted tender responses for the Energy Services contract on the energy centre. We analysed the commercial offers in each response and advised our client on which offered the best value. 

Blackburn Meadows district heating 

The Project: Blackburn Meadows is a biomass power station outside Sheffield, generating 29MW of electricity. This project was to capture up to 25MW of the waste heat and supply it to local businesses, such as South Yorkshire Police, via an 8km heat network. 
Our role: We performed the financial analysis for the heat network and its effect on the existing power plant's performance and revenues from Renewable Obligation Certificates. Then we wrote the business case to raise the funds for the project to go ahead. 

Cranbrook Town 

The Project: The energy centre will supply heat to 3000 homes and a large business park. Plus the possibility of extending to an extra 4000 homes. With zero carbon ambitions it is being used as a test site for integration of various technologies – biomass boilers, solar PV, solar thermal with heat pumps and gas CHP with off-site biogas. 
Our role: We analysed all aspects of the commercial options for this ground breaking project, advising the client on which technologies to keep and which to drop. 

Elephant Park 

The Project: A development in central London for 3000 homes plus businesses, aiming to be the first Climate Positive development in the UK. The Energy Hub is a key feature, with large CHPs using biomethane procured from farms outside of London. 
Our role: We analysed all commercial aspects of the Energy Services contract on behalf of our client. We negotiated terms directly with the developer and the biomethane suppliers. And we wrote the business case to raise the funds. 

Contractual Tariff Review 

The Project: Energy Service Contracts often contain price review mechanisms. 
Our role: For our client's annual price review, we recommended tariff adjustments with the consideration of contractual limits, performance targets and customer service. We also recommended commodity hedges to minimise risk. 

Westfield Shopping Centre 

The Project: Our client's involvement was to design, build and operate the energy centre and network - heating, cooling and power - for a large shopping centre and 1000 homes. 
Our role: We performed the financial analysis for the projects, helped define some commercial terms, and wrote the business proposal for sign-off by the board of directors. 

Wembley Park 

The Project: Our client was bidding on multiple energy service tender lots for this 85 acre redevelopment all around the iconic Wembley Stadium. 
Our role: We created financial models for each of the tenders, both individually and in combinations with each other. We wrote the business case. And we helped our client to negotiate the commercial terms of the contracts which it won. 


The Project: IKEA expressed an interest in connecting to our client's heat network. 
Our role: We assessed the commercial viability and recommended pricing structures to our client. 


The Project: A LIDL store opened near our client's energy centre. Our client wished to sell electricity to LIDL via a private wire arrangement. 
Our role: We performed the commercial analysis - considering half hourly pricing of electricity, LIDL's security of supply demands, and our client's energy production profile. We recommended pricing structures to our client. 
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